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  1. Hey guys,

    great plugin, like it very much! I have a technical question:
    We're using the free version (v 8.1) which works perfectly fine for us (WP v 4.7.7). Well, almost perfectly.
    We want to allow multiple booking requests for the same date, as long as there is no approved booking on this day.

    Nov 20: no booking requests yet -> date is available for booking
    Nov 21: 2 booking requests, none of them approved yet -> people see that there are already some requests, but date is still available for booking
    Nov 22: 1 approved booking -> date is blocked, no bookings possible anymore

    The problem: If we allow multiple bookings per day in general, people can still send requests for dates that are already taken (i.e. 1 approved booking). If we disallow multiple bookings per day in general, people can't request dates where someone already send a request for (but might not get approved) and won't be able to pick that date. Got it?

    • Hello.

      Its possible in the Booking Calendar Business Large or higher version to have "pending days as available days in calendar" and once you have approved specific booking, so then the date(s) in calendar relative to this booking will become unavailable. Other bookings for the same date(s) can be automatically declined.

      But please note, its will not be possible to see if for some day, already was submitting some new pending bookings or not, from visitor perspective. You as admin, of course can see all bookings at the Booking Listing or Calendar Overview page.

      Please read more about this functionality here:

      You can test Booking Calendar live demos at this page to be sure in functionality and do not have misunderstanding.
      Kind Regards.

  2. Hi!

    I need the booking calendar tomorrow and it just says "calendar is loading..." So you see the calendar but can't use it to make a resevation.

    • Hello.
      Its most probably that you are having some JavaScript error at that page. Please recheck your page for any JavaScript errors (usually for see what JavaScript error you have you need to press Ctrl + Shift + J for showing browser console) and try to fix them.

      You can check for the most common issues on the FAQ page at the troubleshooting section.

      You can also try to deactivate one by one all your active plugins at the WordPress > Plugins menu. Then retest it again.
      If its not help, please deactivate your active theme and active the default WordPress theme. And then retest it again. May be there exist some conflict with some active plugin or actual theme and just need to find the reason of that issue.
      Kind Regards.

    • Hello.
      Booking Calendar its WordPress plugin. It can be installed only in WordPress websites.
      And its means that you are using your WordPress admin panel for accessing to booking admin panel. All data is saved to your database.

      We do not have access to the booking admin panel or any other access to your WordPress admin panel.
      In paid versions of Booking Calendar during initial activation of plugin is require entering your registration key for activation and activation of plugin at your website. That's all.
      Kind Regards.

      • Hi support,

        No. I mean what sort of control access plugin is best recommended to be used together with your plugin.



        • Hello.

          In the Booking > Settings General page at "User role" section (at right side of the page), you can define specific user role as minimum access level for accessing specific Booking Calendar menu pages, like "Booking", "booking resources", "Add new booking" and Settings.
          Please note, these settings apply to all users.

          Additionally in Booking Calendar MultiUser version "Regular users" have own unique booking admin panel, and do not have access to Booking > Settings General page.
          You can test Booking Calendar live demos at this page to be sure in functionality and do not have misunderstanding.
          Kind Regards.

  3. Hi there, I am using the medium business version,
    I want users to be asked to pay via paypal only after the booking request has been approved by the admin. Once approved they receive the mail with the link

    Currently once I submit the booking the message appears on the page regarding payment notification with the paypal button included - how can I get rid of this paypal section from appearing here.

    Sample page after submission

    Dear test
    Please make payment for your booking Room#2 (Small Room) on November 28, 2017.
    For reference your booking ID: 55

    Booking Details:

    First Name:test
    Last Name:test
    Start Time: :08:00
    End Time: :09:00
    Total: €40.00
    Make payments with payPal - its fast, free and secure!

    • Hello.

      If you want to disable the "payment form" after visitor submit the booking and send "payment request" to the visitor from the Booking Listing page, so then you need to make this customization.

      After making this fix, its will show payment form only in payment request during sending from Booking Listing page and do not show payment form after visitor made the booking.


      Please open this file ../{Booking Calendar Folder}/core/wpbc-constants.php

      ( you can check how to edit files in WordPress menu in this article )

      then find this code:




      and replace it to this code:



      Kind Regards.

  4. Hi I'm trying to change the CSS on my friend's website calendar. I can't believe such a popular plug-in doesn't have a simple way to do it. I have just purchased personal 8.1 and I am disappointed that I can't find options.

    All of the google results lead me to support on version 4.2 but this information is very technical. (

    Can you please explain for a beginner what I need to do? My theme is generatepress.

    • Hello.
      You can change the calendar skins at the Booking > Settings General page in Calendar section. By selecting specific calendar skin you will load the different CSS file for calendar.

      In case if you need to customize the calendar skin, so you need to have some knowledge of CSS, because its require to customize CSS file, which you was selected as calendar skin. More info here:
      Its does not possible to configure colors of calendars from the settings.

      Each calendar skin have detailed comments for each option, so is easy to understand what section relative to what element of file.
      If you will have some more help, please fill free to ask.
      Kind Regards.

    • Hello.
      For getting 10% discount for purchase new version of plugin. Use coupon code HAPPYSEASON at purchase page.
      Kind Regards.

      • Hi Support,

        When i press buy there is no place for me to key in the coupon even i proceed to next. Any idea?


        • Hello.
          Probably, you are using PayPal as payment method, its can be reason, why you do not see coupon field.
          Please contact support @ and specify what version of Booking Calendar you want to purchase.
          Then we will send direct link with discount for your version of Booking Calendar.
          Thank you.

  5. Hello,

    I have been enjoying your plugin so far. However, there is one function I really need and I'm not sure if it exists - maybe you can help me with that.

    I need to limit the overall amount of bookings in order to prevent overbooking. I know there is a feature to prevent doublebooking, but there is no option for me to add the number of maximal bookings.

    Also I need two different forms. Which plan do I need to choose?


    • Hello.

      1) If you need to make the specific number of bookings per days, then you need to check the Booking Calendar Business Large version, where is possible to make several reservations per specific FULL date(s) by visitors (not time slots). Please read more about it here
      At this version is possible to set capacity of the booking resource, so date(s) in calendar will be available until number of reservations is less then capacity of the booking resource.But in this version is possible to make reservation only for FULL date, not a time slots (time slots in this version only record data in the DB, but do not play any logic in reservation).
      Please read more info about the booking resources and how to configure them here
      Also we highly recommend to check this article about different configuration of capacity and availability

      2) In case if you need to configure 2 different custom booking forms at the Booking > Settings > Form page, so then its supporting in the Booking Calendar Business Medium or higher versions. Check more about this feature here:

      You can test Booking Calendar live demos at this page to be sure in functionality and do not have misunderstanding.
      Kind Regards.

  6. Testing free edition to make sure all functions work for me before buying. However, ical feed export is not working. Tried on fresh wordpress install only with those to plugins added and default theme and export link is not working (if you try to access it gives 404 error). Is there a way to make calendar export feed working?

    • Hello.
      Please recheck your error.log in your server configuration, about any relative errors.
      If you can not find error.log file, please contact support of your hosting company about helping in finding this file.
      Just to recheck about the reason of this issue.
      May be you have not activated some PHP module.
      Kind Regards.

  7. Hi Support,

    When I am purchasing the license, the form requried me to put in license name.

    Can i change the license name in the future ?


    • Hello.
      Yes, you can contact us with info about changing in Name or email address for license.
      Kind Regards.

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