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  1. Hi Support,
    I'm trying to translate the legenda with WPML but i cannot find the correct string. When i translate the string
    'Available' ,'booking' nothing happens.

    The default WP lang is nl_NL.
    It was possible to translate the form fields with the WPML string translation

  2. We are experiencing an issue with your plugin conflicting with Gravity Forms. If I disable your plugin, then Gravity Forms works properly. When I enable your plugin, then any page that has a Gravity Form shows a javascript error and the menu on that page doesn't work properly.

    I've set your plugin to Load JS and CSS files only on specific pages and now it works properly. Is this the correct solution or do you have an update so there is no conflict with Gravity Forms?

    • Hello.

      At some websites, its exist such issue. And its correct workflow as you was done.

      Can you send the link to the page, where this issue exist, so then we can check and fix it in future updates of plugin.

      Thank you.

        • Hello.
          Its seems that script in question that generate an issue is jquery.maskedinput.min.js
          I can not retest it because there at your page there is no issue.
          Can you try to disable loading of that script and then try to test it?
          Thank you.

  3. Hello support.

    I am using the "Business Small" version. How can I assign different prices according to the day and according to the hours? It is to make reservations for a room in the morning or in the afternoon, and I want to apply different prices.

    Thank you.

    • Hello.

      1) You need to configure your timeslot selection in a way like this:

      Select Times:
      [select rangetime "10am-2pm@@10:00 - 14:00" "2pm-6pm@@14:00 - 18:00" "10am-6pm@@10:00 - 18:00"]

      Please use shortcode generator at the right side of the Booking > Settings > Form page for the fast and correct creation of booking form fields.

      2) You can define the cost "per 1 hour" at the Booking > Settings > Payment page.

      Then at the Booking > Resources page you can define cost for 1 hour for specific booking resources, like 100 USD for specific booking resource.

      and if someone will select 6 hours, so then total booking cost will be 600 USD, its because 100 USD / hour * 6 hours = 600

      In case, if you need to define the different cost for bookings for different selection of timeslot, for example some discount if visitor select 8 hours, etc... so then its possible in the Booking Calendar Business Medium or higher versions to define the additional cost for selected options in booking form. you can define this cost at the Booking > Resources > Advanced cost page in these versions.
      Please read more about this feature here:

      You can make upgrade to the higher version of Booking Calendar from your exist version of plugin by clicking on the "Upgrade" menu item at the top right side of General Booking Settings page in your admin panel.

      Kind Regards.

  4. Hello Support
    I was wondering how to install your Small busieness program because i just bought it on line and i have a few bookings on there right now
    i doing want to lose them thank you

  5. I have a very simple requirement. I purchased the Medium Version. I have one House with three different Seasonal Pricing Categories as follows: Low Season R1,440 per day. Mid Season R3,500 per day, and High Season R4,400 per day. I have set up the appropriate dates for each specific Season period, and also the Costs per Day for each of the Seasons. No matter what I do, I cannot get these different costs for these different periods to show correctly in my Booking Calendar. Only the Low Season information is being displayed.

    • Hello.
      1) Its posdible in the Booking Calendar Business Medium or higher versions at the Booking > Resources page. Check more here

      2) Probabaly you just forget to activate specific rates. Please recheck that checkboxes at the left side near specific rates was activated and then you clicked on save button.

      If you still have some issue with this, please send screenshots of your configuration to support @

      Kind Regards.

  6. Hi,

    Please tell me how to centre the booking calendar in a page.

    Please tell me how to start the month displayed from a month in the future.

    Please tell me how to change the colours of the display of the booking calendar.

    I have booking calendar personal single site usage.

    Thank you

  7. Thank you for your assistance on this request. It is working correctly now. I do however need to make one further change which I am not sure exactly how to implement.
    With LOW SEASON, our costing is R360 per person per day (minimum 4 x people, maximum 9) but with MID and HIGH SEASON our costing is fixed at R3,500 and R4,400 for the House Per Day irrespective of the number of people up to a maximum of 9.
    How do I implement the "per person" cost to calculate the total amount due based on the number of people that will be booked? e.g. if it was 4 x people, that would amount to R1,440 but if 7 x people booked, then it would be R2,520 ~ so, how would I have to set up the Rates for LOW SEASON based on Per Person compared to MID and HIGH SEASON which is a fixed cost irrespective of the number of guests?

    • Hello.
      It’s possible to define additional cost for selected options in selectboxes or checkboxes (like seletion of visitos number) at the Booking > Resources > Advanced cost page. Please read more about this feature and configuration here:

      But it’s does not possible to define Advanced cost that depen from seasons.

      In your case I can suggest to have 2 differnt form fields for visitos seletion (with differnt Name) and show or hide specific section of fields depend from check in day belonging to specific season. Please read more about this here:

      Kind Regards.

      • Good morning
        Thank you for your feedback on this issue. I have reviewed the Links that you have sent to me, and although I believe I understand what is required, I don't think that I have enough skills to create the second required Form for Low Season Bookings based on the variable number of guest bookings. (4,5,6,7,8 or 9)
        Would your Technical Team be able to create this "second" Form for me, and if so, is there an additional cost in providing this assistance?. This functionality if unfortunately required, and until I have a solution, I am unable to GO LIVE with my new website which is now complete except for this option.
        As previously mentioned, all I need for Low Season, is the ability to calculate the cost based on R360 per person per night with a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 9 people. MID and HIGH Season remain unchanged, since the cost is calculated per house per night and NOT dependant on the number of guests.I really hope someone can assist me with this request.

        • Hello.
          I was send screenshots with configuration to your email. (Please check spam folder, if you do not see it in inbox. )
          The main trick in this configuration at the Booking Calendar Business Medium version is to have different fields for visitors selection for the different seasons:

          [condition name="season-times" type="season" value="*"]
               <p>Visitors:  [select visitors class:col-md-1 "1" "2" "3" "4" "5" "6" "7" "8" "9" "10"]</p> 
          [condition name="season-times" type="season" value="Low Season"]
                 <p>Visitors:  [select visitors_low class:col-md-1 "4" "5" "6" "7" "8" "9"]</p> 

          More info here:
          Kind Regards.

          • Thank you so much for your EXCELLENT SUPPORT in assisting me with in implementing this particular piece of Code. I am absolutely astounded at the High Level of After Sales Support offered by your Technical Team.

  8. Hi Support,

    After i assign the user with access right to "resource" can i restrict them from adding resource?



    • Hello.
      1) Its possible in the Booking Calendar MultiUser version only to set restriction for the maximum number of booking resources per specific activated regular user.
      Please read more about Booking Calendar MultiUser version here:

      So in this version you need to log in as "super booking admin" user , then open Booking > Settings > Users page and then set the maximum number of booking resources that can add or manage specific "regular user".

      2) In other versions of Booking Calendar, if you was asked, about if you set access level as "Administrator" to the Booking > Resources menu,
      You can define this access level for Booking Calendar menu pages at the Booking > Settings General page in right side of this page in Access level section.
      And if some visitor will log in as Subscriber. So this user will not have access to the Booking > Resources page and because of that can not add new booking resources.

      Kind Regards.

  9. Hi Support,

    How do I use "administrator" role to provide different setting for "contributor" role?


    • Hello.

      You can set different minimum user roles for accessing to different Booking Calendar menu pages (like "Booking Listing/Calendar Overview", "Resources", "Add new booking" and "Settings" menu pages) at the Booking > Settings General page in right side of this page in Access level section.

      So if you define minimum access role as "Administrator" for accessing to Booking Calendar "Settings" menu page, then
      if some visitor will log in as Contributor, this user will not have access to the Booking > Settings page.

      Kind Regards.

      • Hi Support,

        Then how do i use administrator role to create a form for specific user in contributor role?


        Note: I am a multi site user license.


        • Hello.
          1) Firstly please note, in terms of Booking Calendar MultiUser version there are 2 types of users: "Super booking admin" and "Regular user".
          Such users can have the different WordPress roles. Please check more about this here:

          2) Super booking admin user can see bookings from other "regular users" and can manage such bookings. But super booking admin user can not edit settings (like form fields or emails) of regular users. So you will be need to log in as specific regular user to manage form fields of regular user.

          So in case if you need to configure booking form field for regular user, and after this configuration block access to the settings field (booking form field and emails, etc...), you need to make following steps.

          1) Please log in as "super booking admin user". I can suggest that this user have WordPress "Administrator" user role.
          2) Open the Booking > Settings General page and set access level to "Settings" page as "Contributor" (or administrator).
          3) Create new WordPress User (via standard WordPress admin panel), and set user role for this user as "Contributor" (or other user role, which you was set at point #2)
          4) Open the Booking > Settings > Users page and activate booking admin panel for this new user as for "Regular user".
          5) Now log in to WordPress admin panel as this specific "Regular user". Configure booking form fields and emails, and all other settings from Booking > Settings menu.
          6) Log out and log in as "Super booking admin user". Now change "user role" for this regular user from "Contributor" to "Subscriber".
          Now you can inform login and password of "Regular user" to real person.

          So now if this user will log in into the booking admin panel (WordPress admin panel), he/she will not have access to the Booking > Settings page, and will have booking form as you was configured previously.

          Hope its clear now.
          Kind Regards.

          • Hi Support,

            1) I have tried that and is possible but my situation has 3 levels that is:

            IT Administrator : Super Admin
            Manager: Regular
            Admin: Regular

            So technically i will have to assigned the manager with super admin role from your plugin to allow them to do the steps you provided?

            2) Can same booking/resources be seen by more than 1 regular user? or is there anyway to configure that?


            • Hello.
              1) Yes, correct.
              2) Sorry, its does not possible with actual version of Booking Calendar.
              Each specific regular user can see only own booking resources.
              In Database exist relation of specific booking resource to ID of specific one WordPress user.
              Kind Regards.

              • Hi support,

                Does your plugin works with "user role editor" plugin by Vladimir Garagulya?



                • Hello.
                  Unfortunately, no.
                  Booking Calendar support only standard WordPress roles, like "Administrator", "Editor", "Author", "Contributor" and "Subscriber".
                  Kind Regards.

  10. Hi Team,

    Shall we integrate other payment method gateways such as Credimax with this plugin.?

    Kind Regards,

    • Hello.

      The Business Small and higher versions of the Booking Calendar is support Stripe, PayPal (Standard and PayPal Pro Hosted Solution (please note, PayPal PayPal Pro Hosted Solution its does not the same as PayPal Pro)), Authorize.Net, Sage Pay, iDEAL via Sisow and iPay88 payment gateways integration, other payment systems are not supporting yet. You can configure and activate it at the Booking > Settings > Payment page.

      If you want to make the integration of your payment system by yourself, so you will be able to check how was integrated exist payment system in plugin like Stripe payment gateway. Please check more about this here:

      Please note, if you will modify the source code of the Booking Calendar, we will not guaranteed the correct work of plugin and do not support it.

      Unfortunately we can not start, right now, some personal customization or custom development, because almost have no free time.
      Check more about new features here
      Thank you for understanding.
      Kind Regards.

      • Hi Team,

        Thank you for the response.

        Another question, can we use this plugin for managing a group of hotels? That is booking of each hotel (contain different types of rooms such as Single, Double etc) is managed by single user and the super admin can manage all the hotels. Each hotel.

        Kind Regards,

        • Hello.
          So, probably you need to check the Booking Calendar MultiUser version.
          In Booking Calendar MultiUser version possible that each registered WordPress user (your owner) have own individual independent booking admin panel, and can see and manage only own booking resources and some other settings (other owners will not see the bookings from this owner, they can see only own bookings). Please check more here (at bottom of the page)

          Also each owner (user) will receive the emails about the bookings of the own service(s) or property (booking resource(s)) and can approve or decline them. Please note, that the each owner WordPress user) will have different individual calendar(s) with booking forms in the separate pages. Please retest it in the live demo. You can read more about the initial configuration of the Booking Calendar MultiUser version:

          Please test the live demo of Booking Calendar Multiuser version here:
          Admin Panel of Multiuser version (here you can test several admin panels functionality):
          Kind Regards.

          • Hi
            Thank you for the reply.
            One more question.

            Is there a provision for setting a fixed number of rooms for each resource, which will be available for online booking, which can be set by each Admins.


            • Hello.

              If you need to make the specific number of bookings per days, then you need to check the Booking Calendar Business Large version, where is possible to make several reservations per specific FULL date(s) by visitors (not time slots). Please read more about it here
              At this version is possible to set capacity of the booking resource, so date(s) in calendar will be available until number of reservations is less then capacity of the booking resource.But in this version is possible to make reservation only for FULL date, not a time slots (time slots in this version only record data in the DB, but do not play any logic in reservation).
              Please read more info about the booking resources and how to configure them here
              Also we highly recommend to check this article about different configuration of capacity and availability

              Kind Regards.

              • Hi

                In that case does the multi user version support all the features like capacity, of Business Large version.


                • Hello.
                  Yes, all functionality from Booking Calendar Business Large version also available in the Booking Calendar MultiUser version.
                  Kind Regards.

                  • Hi,

                    But I cannot see the capacity section in the demo. That is the one I really want in the MultiUser version.

                    Kind Regards

                    • Hello.
                      You need to add several “child” booking resources to exist booking resource. In this case this booking resource will become “parent” booking resource and will have capacity.

                      In these versions possible to make reservation only for FULL date, not a time slots (time slots in this version only record data in the DB, but do not play any logic in reservation)

                      We highly recommend to check this article about different configuration of capacity and availability

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